Costs to File Chapter 7

If you are overwhelmed with debt, filing for bankruptcy may help bring some much needed relief. However, bankruptcy is not right for everyone and you should consult with a Tampa bankruptcy attorney before taking action. If you decide to move forward with bankruptcy there will be some requirements you have to satisfy prior to the bankruptcy court accepting your petition. Additionally, there will likely be costs to file Chapter 7,  which must be paid prior to filing your case.  For more information on the costs to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy contact a bankruptcy law firm in Tampa.

Costs to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In Florida, there are filing fees associated with filing either Chapter 7 or 13, no matter which area of Florida you file your case in. Filing fees in the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Florida will all be the same, since it is federal law. Keep in mind that these filing costs are separate from any attorneys’ fees if you choose to hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle your case. The filing fee for a new Chapter 7 case is $335, and to reopen a Chapter 7 case, the fee is $260. If you want to convert your Chapter 7 business case to Chapter 11, there is a $922 conversion fee.

Costs to File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The filing fee for a new Chapter 13 case is $310, and $235 reopen a Chapter 13 case. If you want to convert your Chapter 13 case to Chapter 7, there is a $25 conversion fee. You can access the fee schedule for the Middle District of Florida (Tampa Bay area, Jacksonville, and Orlando) at, for the Northern District of Florida (Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola, and Tallahassee) at, and the Southern District of Florida (West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami) at

Credit Counseling Course Requirement for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Whether you file chapter 7 or chapter 13, you must complete a “credit counseling course” within180 days prior to filing. Bankruptcy judges are very strict with this requirement. If you take the course more than 180 days prior to filing, the court will make you take the course again. A bankruptcy attorney in Tampa can help you locate schools approved by the Court in your area.

Documents for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Additionally, prior to filing bankruptcy, you should compile the following information and documents:

  • a list of all your creditors, the nature of the debt, the amount owed to each, and their mailing addresses.
  • Your source of income, how often you are paid, and how much you are paid. Additionally, the same income information will be required for your spouse. Your spouse’s information is needed even if your spouse is not filing bankruptcy with you. This is required in order for the court, the trustee, and your creditors to determine your household financial situation.
  • A list of all your property (including real estate and personal items).
  • A detailed list of your monthly living expenses, such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, taxes, medicine, etc. These expenses must be reasonable and necessary for family maintenance.


Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you have questions about the costs to file Chapter 7 call us for help. At Florida Law Advisers, P.A. we understand that filing for bankruptcy can be a very confusing and intimidating process.  That is why we work so hard to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. When you hire Florida Law Advisers, P.A., you get an experienced Tampa bankruptcy lawyer by your side throughout every phase of the bankruptcy process. We will help ensure your rights are protected and keep you well-informed every step of the way. To schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa call us today at 800 990 7763.

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  1. Alison
    Alison says:

    i like it your website . what a great information.everyone like this .chapter7 bankcrupcy is better service in world.Do you think that student loan collections are connected to bankruptcy?I think that student loans are a really hard way to go for school. I think that It is good to have a fund before you start school that way you have some money to pay for it. I have struggled with school before and I don’t want to have anything happen for a while
    I am really impressed along with your writing skills and also with the format on your blog.thanks for helpfull information.

  2. Deb Pearl
    Deb Pearl says:

    Thank you for all the information about chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. I didn’t know that both included filing fees and you had to complete a credit counseling course too. I guess me and my husband and I will have to make sure we do that first before anything else.

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald
    Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    It’s great to learn more about filing for bankruptcy. I didn’t realize that there are fees for filing either one of these. So, it would only be worth it if your debts are really big, right?

    • Florida Law Advisers
      Florida Law Advisers says:

      Hi Ridley, every situation is different so it’s always best to customize based on the client’s needs. If you’re interested in a free consultation with one of our Tampa bankruptcy attorneys please contact us!

  4. Derek D.
    Derek D. says:

    Some friends of mine might need to file for bankruptcy soon, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about creating a list of all your creditors and how much you owe. I’ll be sure to suggest this to him so they know how much debt they are in when finding a lawyer.


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