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As child support attorneys, we are commonly asked by our clients, how to enforce child support in Florida. Under Florida child support law, each parent of a child has a duty to provide support. That duty exists regardless of the existence of a marriage between the parents of the child.  The first step to enforce child support in Florida is to bring a court action for child support. A child support order issued in Florida (or any other state) is a legally-enforceable court order. The order should require periodic payments of support at a specific amount. The amount and duration of the child support payments will be based on Florida’s Child Support Guidelines. For assistance with the Guidelines contact a family law attorney in your area.

How to Enforce Child Support in Florida Through Department of Revenue

Florida has very strict child support laws to ensure that a parent is paying their required amount of support. Sometimes, the noncustodial parent refuses to pay child support, and the custodial parent must ask for help in order to collect the money from the non-custodial parent. There are several options a parent can choose to enforce child support in Florida. The Florida Department of Revenue governs the enforcement of child support obligations in Florida. There are many different options the Florida Department of Revenue has to enforce child support. Additionally, you can seek the assistance of a private family law attorney to compel enforcement of the child support.

The following are ways that Department of Revenue can help enforce child support in Florida:  send notices of late payments, send notices to withhold payments to the parent’s place of employment so the payments would come directly out of the parent’s pay check, suspension of driver’s license, the parent’s federal income tax return or lottery winnings above $600 can be seized to pay the child support order, the amount owed can be deducted from benefits from reemployment or workers compensation, or the amount can be garnished from bank accounts or other accounts of the parent’s. A family law attorney in Tampa can also file a motion for contempt and request a Florida family law judge issue additional penalties for the nonpayment of support.

Enforce Child Support in Florida by Filing a Motion for Contempt

There are alss options in which the money is not taken from a source of the parent’s income.  Those options are as follows: there can be a lien placed on the parent’s personal property such as a vehicle or boat, the obligations can be reported so it shows up on the parent’s credit report, or the parent can be denied a passport until the payments are made. Further, if the parent is able to pay and refuses, the parent may be held in contempt, fined, incarcerated, or a combination of those until they pay their past due child support obligation. Additionally, a Florida family law judge can order delinquent parents to reimburse the other parent’s attorney’s fees and other expenses related to the motion for contempt.

Tampa Child Support Law Firm

A skilled family law attorney can make a big difference in actions to enforce child support in Florida. If you are owed back child support, seeking to modify a child support order, or need to defend against an unjust child support request contact Florida Law Advisers to speak with a child support attorney in Tampa. Our professional legal team is passionate about these matters and will work diligently to fight for what is fair. With our experience in family law litigation we are more than ready to aggressively litigate for your rights. Call us today at 800 990 7763,  we are available 24/ 7 to answer your calls.

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6 replies
  1. Carol
    Carol says:

    I have an attorney, an IWO, an ex who makes 6 figures and his employer who willfully refuses to honor the court order. Docs on my GoFundMe.
    Florida judges DO NOTHING while he spends it away. The arrears of 218,00 are a combined CS and alimony. I’m close to losing my home, we can’t find where he’s stashing his cash so judge let’s him walk.

  2. Angela A.
    Angela A. says:

    Hi my ex only pays when he feels like he’s over 4 months behind he’s left Florida for a while and moved to Texas I didn’t hear from a Texas judge or child support he’s now moved back to Florida denied my daughter to stay for a few days on holiday (as we live in England)
    And won’t sign her duel citizenship form which doesn’t affect him just gives my daughter the opportunity to live near her American family, I have a court order and he has paid less than half for over 9 years now, please help

  3. Yolande
    Yolande says:

    My daughters father just ignores the court order. There are no consequences, we met on the job! I knew for a fact he files taxes yearly because he claims his brother every year! The courts said they couldn’t find his tax returns or his current employment. FLORIDA does nothing to enforce child support! The department adds all these fees but never collects for the family mean while my child is growing! She needs new clothes every month because she has his lanky legs!


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