How to Lower Child Support in Florida

Child support can be established based on a case with the Department of Revenue or as part of a Divorce.  Regardless of the avenue which established child support, there may be ways how to lower child support in Florida. To see if you qualify for a reduction in child support contact a family law attorney. Conversely, a family law firm in Tampa can also assist with preventing the other parent from lowering child support.

How to Lower Child Support in Florida

The same issues when establishing child support will be at the center in a case for modification of child support.  Therefore, unless something has changed, your child support payments will not change.  In fact, in order to even qualify for a modification, you must prove a “substantial change in circumstances” since the last order was issued.  See Florida Statutes 61.30.

The judge will only be concerned with changes that occurred after the prior case. Issues which arose prior to the initial case will usually not be considered for modifications.  Even if there are facts that were not discussed in the prior case. Typically, judges will only be interested in the changes since the last order was issued. Thus, when trying to figure out how to lower child support in Florida you should focus on events that occurred recently and after the prior case. An experienced family law attorney in Tampa can help you determine which evidence may be helpful and how to lower child support in Florida.

How to Lower Child Support in Florida When a Parent’s Income Changes

If either parent has had a significant increase or significant decrease in income, this will affect the child support calculation based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines.  Even if you have had a decrease in income, that does not automatically mean your support payments will decrease. For instance, the opposing party may have also had a decrease in income, and that decrease may or may not be more significant than yours.  Thus, it is recommended to discuss all the facts of the case with an attorney before filing for modification. A thorough review will likely be necessary to develop a plan on how to lower child support in Florida.

How to Lower Child Support in Florida When Custody Changes

Another way that child support payments may increase or decrease is if the time-sharing arrangement between you and the other parent changes. See Florida Court of Appeals case Bloom v. Panchysyn. Generally, the more time a parent spends with the child the lower their child support payments will be.  However, child-support should be considered an effect of time-sharing rather than the other way around.  To establish a change to the time-sharing arrangement, you will need to show not only a substantial change in circumstances, but also that the change is in the best interest of the child or children.

Trying to determine how to lower child support in Florida can be a difficult task.  To best know your rights and responsibilities as well as options, consult with a family law attorney experienced with child support law and with modification cases.

Family Law Firm in Tampa

The family law attorneys at Florida Law Advisers, P.A. have years of experience in both advocating for and against modifications. Our attorneys know what factors are important to Florida family law judges and can competently advocate for our client’s rights. If you would like to speak with a family law attorney at our firm callus today at 800 990 7763. Our initial consultation is free of charge and requires no commitment.

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