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Filing Bankruptcy In Florida For Credit Card Debt (2020)

Credit card debt is a huge problem for many families struggling to pay the bills. The high interest rate and excessive fees make it nearly impossible to pay off the debt. Fortunately, many borrowers can find relief and get a fresh start with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can put an immediate […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get new credit cards after bankruptcy?
Can I file bankruptcy for credit cards?
Can I keep credit cards open after bankruptcy?
Will I have to pay my credit cards in bankruptcy?
Do all debts get discharged?
Will I lose my home?
Is debt consolidation better than bankruptcy for credit cards?
How To Stop A Wage Garnishment In Florida

What is a Wage Garnishment? Garnishment occurs when a creditor takes legal action to seize a portion of your wages, bank account, or other assets. In wage garnishment cases, the creditor will contact your employer and have your employer deduct a specified amount of money from your check each week to be forwarded to the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for head of household?
How do you stop wage garnishment in Florida?
Will bankruptcy stop a garnishment?
Can they garnish wages without notice?
How long does the automatic stay stop the garnishment?
HOA Foreclosure

Many homes, condominiums, and townhouses in Florida will be included in a homeowner’s association (HOA). If the property is part of an association, the homeowner will likely be required to make payments to the HOA. The fee will vary between each association but in some cases can be hundreds of dollars each month. Further, the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HOA file foreclosure in Florida?
What happens if I don’t pay the HOA?
How do I stop an HOA foreclosure sale?
Will Chapter 13 bankruptcy stop an HOA foreclosure?
Should I file Chapter 7 or 13 to prevent an HOA foreclosure?
Can I keep my home if I file bankruptcy?
8 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before You Hire Them

Choosing a trusted, experienced divorce lawyer is the most important decision you will make as you move forward with divorce proceedings. Hiring a divorce attorney with a proven track record of success is a game-changer, as you will greatly boost the odds of a fair and favorable outcome in your case. But not all Florida […]

Florida Bankruptcy Law: What Is An Automatic Stay? Stop Creditor Harassment

The automatic stay in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is one of the most important tools available to borrowers. The automatic stay requires all collection activity against borrowers to stop immediately after a case has been filed. Creditors and collection agencies will not be able to pursue any collection actions when the stay is […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the automatic stay last?
Can bankruptcy stop a foreclosure sale?
Will bankruptcy stop a car repossession?
Do both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy have the automatic stay?
What is the quickest way to stop a garnishment?
How to Prepare for the Divorce Process in Florida

With 40% to 50% of all first marriages ending in divorce (this rate is even higher for those in second marriages), there is a possibility you will go through the divorce process in Florida. Since each state has developed its own divorce laws and guidelines, it’s important that Floridians understand the entire divorce process in […]

joint bank account

If you are contemplating divorce, you likely have many questions and concerns. Financial questions are often near the top of the list for many people. You may find yourself wondering, “What will happen to my property?” or, “What happens to the money in our joint bank account?” These are normal questions to have if you […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose half my savings in a divorce?
What to do if spouse empties the bank account?
How do we pay our bills if filing for a divorce?
What happens to our home in a divorce?
how to tell kids about divorce

The odds are almost even for your marriage to end in divorce, since it happens in 40% to 50% of all first marriages, with the divorce rate on remarriages even higher. Unfortunately, many marriages ending in divorce involve children; often, the parents try everything (couples counseling, individual therapy, even trial separations) before facing the fact […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get full custody in a divorce case?
Will I have to attend a parenting class?
Can I move with the children?
What if a child does not want to see the parent?
child support florida

When dealing with a divorce in Florida, perhaps the most important settlement to be made between couples is sharing the raising of the children; the most common question with that issue is: Will someone have to pay child support? And if so, why and how much? Child support laws will vary by state, so it […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How much child support will I receive?
Can I get back-owed child support?
How do I increase the amount of child support?
Can a parent waive child support?
contested divorce

According to the American Institute of Stress, divorce ranks second out of 43 major life stressors. Second only to the death of a spouse or child, divorce can lead to unparalleled emotional and financial turmoil – especially if you are in the midst of a contested divorce. Below is a look at some of the […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for divorce in Florida?
How is property divided in a divorce?
How do I get full custody?
How to keep my home in a divorce?