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Out of State DUI - Florida DUI Law

Florida, like most other states in the country, is part of the Drivers License Compact (Florida Statute 322.44). Under this compact, all member states must communicate any traffic violation or DUI conviction to the National Driver Register, a national database of violation records. Therefore, if you are Florida resident and you are found guilty of a DUI in Georgia, Florida will be notified of the DUI conviction through the National Driver Register and may impose penalties in addition to those enforced under Georgia law. Conversely, if you are convicted of a DUI in Florida and you are a resident of another state, Florida will notify your home state through the National Driver Register of your DUI conviction. Under this scenario, both Florida and your home state may enforce penalties for your DUI conviction in Florida. In essence, the DLC acts to notify state governments of DUI convictions and allows all states with jurisdiction to separately punish the driver for a DUI conviction.

When you are arrested for DUI in Florida, all of Florida’s DUI laws will be applied to your case, regardless of whether you are a resident of another state. Therefore, you can be punished under Florida DUI law even if you are only vacationing in Florida. If you are arrested for a DUI in Florida, you should hire a Tampa DUI attorney who has experience in the Florida court system and Florida DUI law – not just any DUI attorney.

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DUI arrests can be very stressful and confusing to drivers, especially if there are two different states seeking to enforce punishment. Without competent legal counsel, a driver may be subjected to severe penalties and forced to travel between two states to protect their rights in court. At Florida Law Advisers, P.A. we provide competent legal representation at every phase of a DUI case. With our help you may not even have to attend a single court proceeding. We will navigate your case through the court system and aggressively challenge your DUI charges at every phase of the case. To find out more about how we represent clients accused of DUI, contact us today to speak with a Tampa DUI attorney at our firm.

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