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Florida public policy is that both parents are financially responsible for their children. The Florida legislature has codified this policy by setting child support guidelines. While you pay the obligation to the other parent, it is a child’s right to receive the support. Think of it as your child’s money — not money paid to the other parent.

However, child support is often complex and overwhelming for parents. This is where a Tampa child support lawyer comes in.

At Florida Law Advisers, P.A., we help many parents through the child support system. We can work to make sure that you receive what is reasonable and necessary, or that you never pay more than your fair share. If your income or circumstances change, we can also help you modify your child support order so your obligation doesn’t bankrupt you.

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How Is Child Support Determined and Calculated in Florida?

The Florida child support guidelines consider both parents’ incomes, the child’s healthcare, and childcare costs. It also considers the standard needs of the child, which depends on the child’s age and the parent’s net income. A court may also consider fees associated with extracurricular activities and sports and how much time the child spends at each parent’s home.

A court can raise or reduce child support from the guideline amounts. For example, a child with high medical expenses may warrant a larger support order than a healthy child. A judge cannot make these determinations without a written explanation.

The court will use wage records if a parent refuses to provide income information. Without records, the state will assign a median income amount or the federal minimum wage. However, each case is unique, so these approaches are not guaranteed.

A judge can consider parental agreement when assessing child support. There is no option to eliminate child support, as the court will consider that an undue hardship for the child. But it will consider the parent’s wishes as long as they meet the child’s needs.

You can find online child support calculators that estimate how much you will receive or pay. However, these calculators use the Florida child support formula, so they are for information purposes only. The court may determine a different amount based on your child’s circumstances. You could use the calculator as a good tool for budgeting before the support order is finalized, but do not assume that the result will be your final amount.

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