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Medical Bills From Coronavirus

The rising cost of health care has been a tremendous burden on families for years. Regrettably, many more Americans will soon share the hardship because of medical bills from coronavirus. Although the President worked with insurance companies on waiving the fee for coronavirus testing, very little was done for actual treatment. Even for those who […]

credit card debt because of coronavirus

The Coronavirus has caused great financial hardship for many Americans. The COVID19 pandemic has forced many companies to lay off staff and close its doors.  One area in particular which many Americans are struggling is credit card debt because of coronavirus. Fortunately, there are many government programs available to help eliminate credit card from Coronavirus. […]

how to tell kids about divorce

The odds are almost even for your marriage to end in divorce, since it happens in 40% to 50% of all first marriages, with the divorce rate on remarriages even higher. Unfortunately, many marriages ending in divorce involve children; often, the parents try everything (couples counseling, individual therapy, even trial separations) before facing the fact […]

Coronavirus Stimulus Check for Debt

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the lives of countless Americans.  Many have fallen ill, and others have become unemployed and struggling to make end’s meat. Whether the impact has been to your income or the expense of supplies needed to prepare for this emergency, the unexpected tragedy has caused great financial hardship. […]

Car Payments and COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

The coronavirus has impacted all of our neighbors in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether the impact has been to your income or the expense of supplies needed to prepare for this emergency it is very likely that you are worried about how to pay all of your bills on time. While it may seem like […]

child support florida

When dealing with a divorce in Florida, perhaps the most important settlement to be made between couples is sharing the raising of the children; the most common question with that issue is: Will someone have to pay child support? And if so, why and how much? Child support laws will vary by state, so it […]

contested divorce

According to the American Institute of Stress, divorce ranks second out of 43 major life stressors. Second only to the death of a spouse or child, divorce can lead to unparalleled emotional and financial turmoil – especially if you are in the midst of a contested divorce. Below is a look at some of the […]

property appraisal divorce

If you are like most American couples, your home is your greatest asset. So what will happen to that home in the event of divorce? Must it be sold? If not, who keeps it and how is the other spouse compensated? The first thing that needs to be done is a home property appraisal at […]

asking for a divorce

There are no one-size-fits-all answers for the best way to ask a divorce. It’s a big step with a truckload of potential complications and individual nuances. Getting a divorce involves far more consideration than simply submitting your paperwork to the court. It is smart to be prepared before you ask and to become familiar with […]


It used to be that you needed a reason to file for a divorce in any state; typical reasons include extra-marital affairs, abuse of spouse and/or children, drug addiction, or criminal activities. While each of those situations likely merit a divorce, Florida is a no-fault divorce state which means you can ask for a divorce […]