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uncontested divorce

Generally, there are two types of divorces in Florida, uncontested and contested divorce. Florida is a “no fault” state, therefore; you won’t have to litigate, provide evidence of adultery, or other reasons to file for divorce. See Florida divorce law. However, there can be extensive litigation over alimony, child custody, and other issues as part […]

rehabilitative alimony

There are many types of alimony (spousal support) available under Florida divorce law.  See Florida divorce law 61.08.  Two easily confused types of alimony are Bridge-the-Gap and Rehabilitative alimony.  Bridge-the-Gap alimony is designed to help a person transition to become a head-of-household. On the other hand, rehabilitative alimony is to financially support a specific plan […]

divorce in Florida

For many, filing for divorce in Florida can sometimes be a long and tedious process. Florida divorce law has a complex web of statutes  which must be successfully navigated. However, a divorce case in Florida can be summed up in many ways by using the PEACE acronym. The PEACE acronym represents all major parts of […]

credit card debt in bankruptcy

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being unable to pay off your credit cards, you may have a solution in bankruptcy. Credit card debt in bankruptcy is a very common solution for people struggling with debt. Everyone case is different, so you’ll need to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine the […]

bankruptcy automatic stay

Designed by law to protect creditors, the bankruptcy automatic stay is one of the biggest benefits to consumers within the Bankruptcy Code.  This protection  ensures creditors cannot contact a consumer once bankruptcy has been filed. This includes preventing creditors from calling, sending letters, and other collection attempts. The bankruptcy automatic stay even stops garnishments and […]

child custody case

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce or child custody case is the development of a Parenting Plan. The Plan governs the time-sharing and custody rights for each parent.  Florida law is gender neutral, meaning there is no preference for or against the father or mother, or for or against any specific time-sharing […]

rehabilitative alimony in Florida

Rehabilitative alimony in Florida is financial support intended to provide a former spouse with the opportunity to establish the capacity for self-support, proportionate to the standard of living during the marriage. The length of the marriage will play a factor in whether or not rehabilitative alimony is appropriate, but it is not dispositive. Instead, the focus should be on the impact the marriage had on the earning potential of the spouse seeking alimony.

high asset divorce in Florida

Divorce can be a stressful and frightening time, it is the end of a marriage. There is a lot at stake in the outcome. This is especially true for a high asset divorce in Florida. There are unique challenges to a divorce when the parties involved have a substantial amount net worth. In cases such […]

how long do I have to wait to file Chapter 13 again

If you are experiencing financial hardship Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide some much-needed relief. Fortunately, Chapter 13 relief is not a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are commonly asked, how long do I have to wait to file Chapter 13 again? You can file for Chapter 13 many times, but there are time limits […]

alimony garnishment

Unfortunately, without a way to enforce it, judgements can sometimes feel like they are worthless.  However, Florida alimony law does provide for a variety of ways to enforce judgements, including garnishment. In garnishment cases, the funds go directly to a third party rather than their original recipient. Thus, alimony can be forwarded directly to the […]