how soon can I file Chapter 7 again

Have you filed bankruptcy in the past and find yourself in a situation where you need to file again?  It is not uncommon to inquire how soon can I file Chapter 7 again. In fact, bankruptcy law does allow for repeat bankruptcy filings. However, there may be waiting periods before you become eligible to file bankruptcy again. If you need to find out how soon can I file Chapter 7 again contact a bankruptcy attorney in Tampa  for assistance. Many bankruptcy law firms in Tampa will offer a free initial consultation.

How Soon Can I File Chapter 7 Again If I Filed Chapter 7 in the Past

If you previously filed Chapter 7  and now want to petition for bankruptcy again, you must wait 8 years from the commencement date of your previous case.  See Bankruptcy law 11 U.S.C. § 727.  However, determining how soon can I file Chapter 7 is not that straight forward. For instance, “Commencement date” is the day you filed your bankruptcy petition with the court.  For example, if you previously filed on October 1, 2008, then you would have to wait until October 1, 2016, or later to file your new petition.

How Soon Can I File Chapter 7 Again After Chapter 13

If you previously petitioned for Chapter 13  and now want to know how soon can I file Chapter 7 again, you will likely have wait 6 years from the commencement date of your previous case before you can submit another case. See bankruptcy law 11 U.S.C. 727.  The same date calculation applies as described in the paragraph above.

There is an exception to this situation, though: if you paid your previous Chapter 13 payment plan in full, or you paid 70% of your payment plan in good faith and with your best effort to complete the plan, then you do not have to wait at all to file again. Most often, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine how long you have to wait to file bankruptcy again during an initial consultation.

Tampa Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are having a difficult time meeting your financial obligations Florida Law Advisers, P.A. may be able to help. Florida Law Advisers, P.A. is a customer service oriented firm committed to  providing personalized attention and dedicated legal counsel. Our Tampa bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience with helping clients file Chapter 7 again. For a free, initial consultation contact us today at 800 990 7763 or complete the free case review inquiry.

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